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Sonic Super Slide

Sonic Super Slide


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Setup Area: 50x120

Actual Size: 35x100

Monitors: 2

Outlets: 1

Age Group: All Ages


The Sonic Super Slide: Rent a Carnival Ride Sensation for Your Next Event!

Classic carnival slides have held a special place in our hearts for generations. The anticipation climbing the ladder, the thrill at the peak, and the exhilarating rush down – these are moments that create lasting memories. Now, you can recreate that magic and elevate your next event to unforgettable heights with the Sonic Super Slide, available for rent across Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

Standing at an impressive 35 feet tall and stretching a staggering 100 feet long, the Sonic Super Slide isn't just a carnival ride rental; it's an experience. Crafted from high-quality fiberglass, it boasts exceptional durability and a visually stunning presence. Its vibrant colors will add a pop of fun to any setting, while its towering height will make it a landmark attraction, instantly recognizable and guaranteed to generate excitement for attendees of all ages.

Imagine the infectious laughter and wide-eyed wonder as your guests make their way up the ladder, anticipation building with every step. Reaching the peak, a world of exhilarating fun awaits. Unlike traditional slides, the Sonic Super Slide offers a unique twist with three dedicated lanes, allowing for thrilling group rides. Up to three participants can climb into individual potato sacks for a smooth and fast descent down the slide's wavy lanes. This innovative design adds an extra layer of excitement, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every rider, regardless of age or experience level.

Looking to add excitement and create lasting memories at your Alabama event? The Sonic Super Slide is the perfect carnival ride rental solution! Whether you're hosting a bustling community fair in Birmingham, a lively school carnival in Montgomery, or a festive gathering in Mobile, the Sonic Super Slide will be the undisputed highlight. It's the ideal way to inject a shot of adrenaline and provide hours of entertainment that keeps crowds engaged and coming back for more.

From the bustling streets of Jackson to the vibrant coastal city of Gulfport, the Sonic Super Slide can transform any Mississippi event into a spectacular occasion. Imagine the slide as the centerpiece of a local festival, a corporate event, or even a private celebration. It's guaranteed to be the talk of the town, ensuring your Mississippi event is remembered fondly for years to come.

Florida, with its sunshine and constant calendar of events and festivals, is a natural fit for the Sonic Super Slide. Picture it set up against the backdrop of a beach festival in Miami, a county fair in Orlando, or a spring carnival in Tallahassee. The vibrant energy of Florida's events will be perfectly complemented by the excitement and exhilaration that the Sonic Super Slide brings.

Planning an event in Georgia, be it in Atlanta, Savannah, or Augusta? Look no further than the Sonic Super Slide for the perfect carnival ride rental! Its sheer size and undeniable fun factor will attract guests of all ages, keeping them entertained and ensuring your Georgia event stands out from the crowd.

Tennessee's diverse range of events, from the electrifying music festivals of Nashville to the lively fairs of Memphis, will find the Sonic Super Slide to be a fantastic addition. It's a perfect fit for cultural events, family gatherings, and music festivals, providing a unique and thrilling experience that caters to a broad audience and adds a touch of unforgettable fun to any Tennessee event.

Louisiana's vibrant event culture, from the world-famous Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans to local fairs in Baton Rouge and community events in Shreveport, is the ideal backdrop for the Sonic Super Slide. This larger-than-life carnival ride rental will add a spectacular element of fun and excitement, making your Louisiana event truly unforgettable.

Bringing the Sonic Super Slide to your event, no matter where you are located in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, or Louisiana, guarantees an unforgettable experience. This massive, eye-catching attraction will not only draw in crowds but also provide endless entertainment and joy, making your event the highlight of the season.

Ready to rent a carnival ride that will leave a lasting impression? Contact us today to learn more about the Sonic Super Slide and how it can transform your next event!


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